This generation cares about saving energy.

It comes as no surprise to most educators that students today are more environmentally conscious than any generation before them. After all, you see it every day in the classroom! They know that collectively, their individual actions can have a major impact.

The next generation will transform the way we think about energy and sustainability. That’s why we launched a new initiative for you and your students—Generation E. We’ll share classroom-friendly resources and hands-on activities, developed with teachers in mind, that you can use to help your students understand their energy use and empower them to make energy-saving changes at home.

Designed for Students and Teachers

We’re working to build this initiative for Manitoba classrooms. Here’s what you can expect to access through our upcoming program website:

  • Kindergarten to Grade 5: Learning sheets and games to explain what energy is and why it’s important to use less of it.
  • Grade 6: Individual and group activities to help introduce students to the concept of energy efficiency and identify ways to save energy.
  • Grade 9: Information, group activities, and self-led assignments to help them better understand their energy use and how to create more energy-efficient spaces.
  • Teachers: Print- and digital-friendly resources, assignments, activity sheets, and lesson plans to bring energy efficiency to the classroom.

Over time, we’ll expand the Generation E initiative to offer more educational resources for more age groups.