Who is this website intended for?2022-05-11T10:46:37-05:00

This website is intended for teachers and students who are interested in signing their class up for the Generation E program.

What types of resources are available for teachers?2022-05-11T10:51:24-05:00

We designed resources that include lesson plans and activities for teachers to guide them in educating their class on energy efficiency.

Do I have to use all the provided resources, or can I pick and choose?2022-05-11T10:51:29-05:00

You can pick and choose! We will be adding new resources over time to create better awareness of being energy efficient.

How do these resources fit into the Manitoba curriculum?2022-05-11T10:51:33-05:00

The Generation E program is a perfect match for Grade 6 and 9 students as these are the grades they learn about electricity and energy in school.

What is the home energy review?2022-05-11T10:51:37-05:00

The home energy review is an activity students can take part in online where they will perform an audit in their own home to see how they can make it more energy-efficient.

How can I get my classroom involved with the home energy review?2022-05-11T10:51:41-05:00

The process is simple and students’ curiosity will get them involved. It’s only a 15-minute audit, that students can perform on their cell phones.

Who can I contact if I have questions or feedback about any of the information on this website?2022-05-11T10:51:45-05:00

The Generation E Team is here to support you. A Program specialist in your region will be available to contact you, help get your team started, and offer support throughout the year. You can contact us through the contact page here, email info@generatione.com, or if you require immediate support, please give us a call at 204-xxx-xxxx

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