Grade 6 resources

Through the resources designed for Grade 6, students will learn the basics of being more energy efficient. We have a variety of learning sheets, games, and group activities to explain what energy is and why it’s important to conserve it.

While we recommend sharing all these resources with your students, feel free to pick and choose the ones that fit best with your lesson plan. We suggest presenting the activities to your class in the following order:

  1. Start by completing the Great Wall of Energy activity with your students to discover what questions they have about energy efficiency.
  2. Go through the “All About Energy” presentation and activity to introduce your students to the concepts of energy and energy efficiency
  3. Review the classroom checklist presentation and print the checklist to complete with your students every day.
  4. Complete the Lights Out! activity to encourage your students to reflect on how they use or save energy in their daily activities.
  5. Finish with a reflection with your students on what they’ve learned. Have them complete a pledge to the planet by committing to carry out an energy efficiency initiative of their choice.

If you have questions throughout this process, feel free to contact us at