Inspiring the future of efficiency,
We’re Generation E!

In order to make our future more efficient, we need to invest in the students who’ll be inheriting that future—Generation E. Through these links, you’ll find a variety of convenient and easy-to follow learning resources to guide your students in a more energy efficient and environmentally conscious direction, all while having fun at the same time!

Each set of resources is accompanied by a presentation on the topic, a lesson plan for you to follow or adapt, an outline of the topic goals and objectives, and engaging activities tailored to students’ age and level of development.

Inspiring the future of efficiency, it’s Generation E!

Resources – Ages 6-9

We want to give younger students the opportunity to get involved before the step into Generation E when they reach grade 6. Below are a few activities to spark an interest in what’s to come.

Resources – Grade 6

Welcome to Generation E 101. During part one of this program, students will learn the basics of being more efficient. They will be taken through a variety of learning sheets, games, and group activities to explain what energy is and why it’s important to conserve it.

Resources – Grade 9

Congratulations on being accepted into Generation E 102! In part two of this program, students will partake in group activities, and self-led assignments to help them better understand their energy use and how to create more energy-efficient spaces.

Age 6 – 9 Resources

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Grade 6 Resources

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Grade 9 Resources

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